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      Baby Star Ramen Snack Tonkotsu, 70 g

      Baby Star Ramen Snack Tonkotsu, 70 g

      Small but nice: The Baby Star Ramen Snack with Tonkotsu flavor is the perfect snack for in between! It has a good spicy-bitter-salty mixture, with a good portion of garlic flavor. Gourmets among you will surely taste the tonkotsu note. Tip: Crumble it over Asian dishes or as a pizza topping for extra crunch!
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      Baby Star's snack comes from Japan and is loved by many people - young and old. It is a crunchy, small, bite-sized snack made from dry, deep-fried ramen noodles. The concept here is brilliant, because you don't even have to cook instant ramen, which is a lifesaver in everyday life anyway. In addition to many flavors like Garlic, Yakisoba, Coriander, Salt, Spicy and Chicken flavors, there is the Tonkotsu variety. It tastes more balanced and a little sweeter.

      About the Brand: Baby Star Snack belongs to the Oyatsu Company, a company from Japan and has been traded for a long time. The company itself has existed since 1948 and has various branches, for example in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama and Fukuoka. They are particularly proud to have developed an idea in which food is 'reborn', that is, this ramen snack being obtained from dry ramen noodles, which can also be easily eaten with hands anywhere at anytime!

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