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      Bubblegum Pink Small Plate Set, 4 Stk

      Bubblegum Pink Small Plate Set, 4 Stk

      Why do Greeks smash plates at weddings? We’re not too sure, but we know one thing for certain, you won’t want to smash these! Made from premium stoneware, these plates are stylish, durable and chip resistant.
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      Handcrafted in Portugal, our stoneware dinner sets are made from coarsely-grained clay. Clay is heated at higher temperatures than that of earthenware and is a more durable, versatile and elegant material.

      About the Brand: Cimacotta Ceramics are inspired by the warm, bright colors of the Portuguese landscape, and crafted by hand in sunny Portugal,bringing a touch of the Mediterranean to your kitchen.We love the brand and got some exclusive quantities for our customers. The simplistic form of this handcrafted tableware reminds us of the popular minimalistic design we love from Japanese interior, and will elevate any dish you create.

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