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      J. Kinski Sweet No Fish Sauce, 250 ml

      J. Kinski Sweet No Fish Sauce, 250 ml

      Those who love Phở as much as we do and at the same time like to prepare vegan dishes, come across the problem every now and then: How do we get the fish flavor into our vegan dish? Here's the solution : J. Kinski's No Fish Sauce made with shoyu, genmai su, shiitake, miso and wakame with a decent amount of sea ubar will convince not only vegans. It is gently heated for 10 hours and unfolds under constant stirring. With it, not only a Phở can be perfectly seasoned.
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      With this Vegan fish sauce you dont have to give up the typical umami flavour. It is a plant-based alternative to traditional fish sauce, which is usually made from fermented fish. This saue is handmade, organic and made from Shoyu, Genmai Su, Shiitake, Miso and Wakame.

      About the Brand: Starting with their own gastro, street food and a nickname, the J.Kinski brand has been around for over 20 years. Now, since 2018, they have been cooking their excellent broths to the best of their knowledge, packed with a good dose of heart and soul.

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