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      MF Chili paste with beef & bamboo, 190 g

      MF Chili paste with beef & bamboo, 190 g

      Product description

      This paste brings the bold flavors of spicy chili paste, tender beef, and crunchy bamboo shoots together. The fiery chili paste adds a kick of heat to the savory beef, while the bamboo shoots contribute a delightful texture and subtle earthy taste. This combination creates a mouthwatering paste that is both satisfying and full of flavor.

      About the Brand: Mendo Food is a renowned Chinese food brand that offers a diverse range of culinary delights. Known for their commitment to quality and authenticity, Mendo Food brings the flavors of China to households around the world. From traditional sauces and condiments to ready-to-eat meals, their products are crafted with the finest ingredients and traditional recipes.

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