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      ROY x The Barn Roy Coffee Kombucha, 330 ml

      ROY x The Barn Roy Coffee Kombucha, 330 ml

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      ROY x THE BARN Coffee Kombucha is the perfect blend of cold brew and high-quality kombucha and at the same time, gives energy and ensures well-being. A different take on chilled coffee: sweet and sour, tangy and totally refreshing.

      About the Brand: ROY is a Berlin-based brewery that handcrafts high-quality, organic kombucha. Naturally refreshing and invigorating, ROY is made with only a handful of the highest-quality organic ingredients: selected teas, cold-pressed juices or whole fruits, raw cane sugar and the kombucha culture (SCOBY). In addition, ROY's Kombucha is vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

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