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      Shimaya Konbu Dashi No Moto, 128 g

      Shimaya Konbu Dashi No Moto, 128 g

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      This dashi broth powder is made from high-quality konbu seaweed and will give your meals the signature umami flavor of Japanese cooking with no effort. Simply dissolve the powder in hot water, and let the delicate aroma and rich flavor of konbu elevate your soups, stews, and sauces to new heights.

      About the Brand: With a rich heritage spanning generations, Shimaya brings you a wide array of traditional Japanese seasonings and flavors that embody the essence of Japanese cuisine. Shimaya is devoted to bringing the true flavor of Japan to your kitchen, from the iconic dashi broth, created from carefully chosen ingredients, to the different sauces and spices that give depth and complexity to your recipes.

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