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      TRS Brown Mustard Seeds, 100 g

      TRS Brown Mustard Seeds, 100 g

      Product description

      Brown mustard seeds are widely used in a variety of cuisines across the globe, including Indian, Middle Eastern, and European dishes. They have a strong, somewhat bitter flavor and are often used in spice mixes and meat and vegetable marinades. Brown mustard seeds can also be roasted and crushed into a tasty mustard paste, or they can be used whole in pickling and preserving. Brown mustard seeds are often used in tempering in Indian cuisine, where they are cooked in oil or ghee to unleash their taste and fragrance. TRS Brown Mustard Seeds are a versatile ingredient that can give a powerful, tangy taste to a number of meals, making them an essential in any spice cabinet.

      About the Brand: TRS is a brand that provides premium culinary products, including seasonings, lentils and cookery condiments. It offers everything you need to create excellent meals with authentic flavors, whether you're a seasoned cook or a newbie in the kitchen. TRS provides the assurance that you are using only the highest-quality ingredients to improve your culinary skills and satisfy your taste buds.

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